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Closing the Covid-19 Learning Gap With Ed Tech and Gamification

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Ed tech and gamification might just be the answer to closing the Covid-19 created learning gap.

Integration of technology opens up new learning opportunities for children. Interactive devices provide multi-sensory experiences that support fine motor skills, dexterity, coordination and reaction time, language development, digital literacy, problem solving skills, collaboration and cultural awareness.

In preschool classrooms, technology allows children to freely explore touch screens loaded with wide variety of developmentally appropriate interactive media experiences, traditional computers, with mouse, keyboard and screens, access to safe and reliable websites, where they can research topics of interest with their teachers, coding toys, manipulatives that introduce concepts of robotics, as well as digital video and audio files to showcase children’s work and document their progress.

Children in our Centers of Excellence engage with different types of technology toys that introduce them to binary patterns and coding.  At Collaborative for Children we are invested in keeping abreast of the research and innovation in our field and finding and bringing the most cutting-edge technology, resources and learning experiences to children in classrooms we serve.

We are committed to bridging the digital divide by ensuring that children in vulnerable neighborhoods have access to the same learning experiences as their more privileged peers do in their schools and homes.

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How gamification in education can close the COVID-19 learning gap

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