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Why is early learning important for my child?

There is little doubt that early childhood education is vital. Studies have shown that 90 percent of a child’s brain architecture develops during the first five years of life. Beyond that, children who enjoyed a high-quality early learning experience are more likely to graduate from high school, to be continuously employed, and to be higher earners in the workplace.

What does Collaborative for Children do?

Collaborative for Children is a nonprofit organization that for over 35 years has been at the forefront of early childhood education. We are the go-to resource for innovative early learning opportunities that deliver children the 21st-century skills they need to grow, thrive, and succeed in the workplace of tomorrow. We nurture curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity in children through age 5 to ensure they are prepared to seize all the opportunities the future may hold.

Who does Collaborative for Children serve?

We serve children, families, educators, and communities in Greater Houston, improving the school readiness skills of children from birth to five years old needed to assure their dreams are realized, their goals are achieved, and their hopes are fulfilled.

How can I find a Collaborative for Children Center of Excellence?

Our website provides the full range of information on the Centers for Excellence, which are a model for child care providers and a “seal of approval” to demonstrate they consistently meet our standards for quality and accountability. Learn more.

How can I find help with child care?

Our website has a free database dedicated to helping locate child care providers in the 13-county Greater Houston area. It includes information ranging from hours of operation to accreditation, licensing to languages spoken. You can start your search here.

How can my child be a Collab Kid?

You can start by clicking here to locate a quality child care provider from among our recommended Centers of Excellence, all of which have earned our “seal of approval.” At the same time, however, it is important to engage with your child at home, early and often, to help nurture the socialization, emotional, and learning skills he or she will need in the future.

Do I have to pay anything for my child to go to the Collab-Lab?

No. Collab-Lab is a free service that brings critical future-focused early childhood education resources directly to children and engaged parents in underserved communities at no cost.

Do I have to pay anything to go to one of the COE's?

COE’s do not pay a fee to participate. Parents would pay a fee to the child care center to get access to high-quality preschool programs and resources for their families.

I want my child care business to grow, how can you help?

Become one of our Centers of Excellence. This will demonstrate you have met the high bar we have set for child care facilities. And the “seal of approval” it represents will demonstrate your leadership in the field – and commitment to early childhood development – and thus have a potentially positive impact on your business.

I need business support for my child care center, can you help?

Yes. We offer many resources for educators from our Business Accelerator program and applying to become a Center of Excellence. Learn more about our resources for centers.

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