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Centers of Excellence

A Model for Improving Child Outcomes

Will the Children in Your Care be School-Ready?

Research indicates that children who enter kindergarten behind their peers academically are more likely to stay behind – or fall even further behind. But in Texas, the Pre-K programs are missing the mark in terms of quality standards and school readiness, and that is unacceptable. Collaborative for Children believes that children are the building blocks of the future and educators are the bedrock, and they deserve the support and resources critical to an exceptional early learning experience. We are addressing school readiness for Houston’s most vulnerable children through our Center of Excellence program.

Collaborative for Children has an established history as a leader in early childhood education and preparing kids for the 21st century through programs focused on positive child outcomes. Our focus is, and always has been, to give every child the opportunity for a bright future, while also ensuring that Houston has a sustainable workforce ready for the workforce of tomorrow. This hinges on an innovative and solid learning foundation. That is why we created our Center of Excellence program.

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The Center of Excellence model supports childcare providers by helping them nurture the skills in young children through age 5 that are essential to seize the opportunities of the future. Our early childhood specialists equip child care programs and parents with the knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies necessary to continuously improve business operations, program quality, and the assessment and monitoring of child outcomes. By bringing strong business practices together with early childhood education professionals and engaged families, we can ensure that all kids are school ready.

Through our data-driven approach, tracking individual child outcomes provides real-time information that supports positive results. Using this collected knowledge, we can quickly and effectively expand or improve our services; share best practices; enhance our decision-making, and give kids the chance to pursue a future that gives them every opportunity to do something extraordinary.

Over the next five years, our goal is to establish 125 Centers of Excellence in neighborhoods across the greater Houston area.

Will your center benefit as a Center of Excellence?

To see if you should take advantage of the Center of Excellence program, answer these three basic questions:

  1. Does my center have full enrollment?
  2. Are we financially sound?
  3. Are our children prepared for kindergarten?

If you answered No to any of them, let’s build a partnership that will enable your center to achieve our Center of Excellence seal of approval.

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How we can help you

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Business Development

A team of business specialists will support child care center directors and owners by developing viable business practices geared toward producing sustainable centers (maintaining enrollment, child attendance, and teacher retention).

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collaborate teacher mentor

A group of highly engaged mentors will guide early childhood education professionals in the use of our evidence-based student interaction, teaching, and methodology to ensure that 70 percent of children demonstrate growth toward school readiness.

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Collaborative for Children Curriculum

With the child in mind, our 21st century curriculum, I Wonder! has been designed to help children develop skills to successfully manage the rapid changes in information technology that are reshaping our world. Centers of Excellence implement an early learning framework grounded in comprehensive research-based curriculum including, Neuhaus, Prelude Music, and Conscious Discipline to make sure kids are ready for school from the moment they first walk into a classroom.

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faimly engagement
Family Engagement

We use a dual-generation approach designed to strengthen parent-child relationships and empower families and caregivers to increase school readiness for kids. Our family support specialists work to ensure that 90 percent of families and caregivers apply newly acquired skills obtained through Learning Parties, Parent Teacher Conferences, and consultations. By helping them sustain their learning capacity in the home, parents and caregivers can play a vital role in preparing kids for the future.

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Want to become a Center of Excellence?

Email, call 713-600-1212
OR APPLY TODAY by filling out the fillable form online.



Program Selection Criteria

Location: Identified as one of the 22 Priority Super Neighborhoods

  • Acres Home: 77018, 77088, 77091
  • Brays Oaks: 77035
  • Denver Harbor/Port Houston: 77029, 77020
  • East Houston: 77028
  • East Little York/Homestead: 77016, 77050
  • Eastex-Jensen: 77093
  • Fairbanks/Northwest Crossing: 77040, 77041, 77092
  • Golfcrest/Bellfort/Reveille: 77061, 77087, 77207
  • Greater Fifth Ward: 77020, 77026
  • Greater Greenspoint: 77037, 77038, 77060, 77067
  • Greater OST/South Union: 77021, 77033, 77051, 77054, 77087
  • Greater Third Ward: 77003, 77004, 77021
  • Gulfton: 77027, 77036, 77056, 77057, 77074, 77081
  • Independence Heights: 77008, 77018, 77022, 77091
  • Kashmere Gardens: 77009, 77026, 77028
  • Northside/Northline: 77022, 77037, 77076, 77088, 77091, 77093
  • Pleasantville Area: 77013, 77028, 77029
  • Settegast: 77028
  • Sharpstown: 77036, 77063, 77072, 77074, 77081
  • South Park: 77033
  • Sunnyside: 77051
  • Trinity/Houston Gardens: 77016

Child Care Desert: Low-income/underserved communities

Enrollment: Serve children birth – 5 years and serve families receiving child care financial assistance

Licensing/Regulatory Agency: 10 or less deficiencies in the last 12 months