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Building Blocks

Research has shown the importance of early childhood education and development from birth to age five.

Building Blocks:

Research has shown the importance of early childhood education and development from birth to age five. To shine a light on the challenges facing Harris County’s youngest and most vulnerable residents — our children — we will look at the factors that put some behind the curve, what quality early learning looks like and how to improve it. We will see how parents, educators, and local leaders can make sure children are ready to succeed in the long term.

Building Blocks Episode 1

Research has shown the importance of early childhood education and development from birth to age five. What are some of the factors that hold some of our most vulnerable children behind their peers? The data clearly shows that educational outcomes are anything but equal.
In episode 1 of Building Blocks, we look at what is being done by parents, educators, and local leaders to level the playing field for all children and how everyday citizens can advocate on behalf of lower-income and at-risk families.
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Building Blocks Episode 2

You are your child’s first teacher. How you interact with your child in everyday situations and encourage their curiosity can make a significant difference. Even at an early age, there are ways you can spark a love for learning in your children.
In episode 2 of Building Blocks, we talk with parents and educators about the best ways to create a healthy home environment for children to thrive in.
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Building Blocks Episode 3

In the Houston area, only 47% of children are adequately prepared when they get to kindergarten. What can local leaders do to ensure that children in Harris County don’t slip through the cracks? Legislation can play a huge role in educational outcomes, but what is the political process to improve funding for school programs?
In episode 3 of Building Blocks, we highlight successes at the legislative level and discuss what else could be done.
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Building Blocks Episode 4

A teacher’s impact on a child will last far beyond the time they spend together in the classroom. What are some of the challenges facing educators in Harris County?

In episode 4 of Building Blocks, we explore these challenges and the best ways our community can help to support teachers in the Houston area.

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Building Blocks Episode 5

“Quality childcare isn’t a nicety; it’s a necessity.” It’s an opportunity to invest in our children’s future by building them up with the skills they need to develop talent, leadership, and confidence.
In episode 5 of Building Blocks, we discuss the importance of early learning and the risks society takes when quality childhood care is not made a priority.
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Building Blocks Episode 6

Learning is not just linear or a segmented routine for children. It can be fun, and studies show that playing is fundamental for early childhood brain development.
In episode 6 of Building Blocks, we explore the multiple aspects of play and imagination and how it helps to build a foundation for critical function and problem-solving with children.
The Collab-Lab, a mobile classroom on wheels, was developed to allow the child to be at the center of their learning. No predetermined outcomes or parameters were set in creating the Collab-Lab activities so that children could engage in critical thinking and determine unique paths to reach outcomes through play.
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Building Blocks Episode 7

Social-emotional learning, executive function and cognitive skills substantially benefit early childhood development.

In episode 7 of Building Blocks, we discuss the importance of socialization in early education and how Collaborative for Children is preparing children for future careers through our work in the Centers of Excellence.

As technology evolves, our young children, potentially taught by our informed teachers and administrators in the Centers of Excellence, will advance these technologies for future generations. We will continue to be high-tech but very much in touch.

Our Centers of Excellence are the test bed for what’s possible, and our programs and mission is scalable. Instead of allowing technology to manipulate our children in the Centers of Excellence, we expect that our students will be so astute that they will be able to manipulate technology.

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Building Blocks Episode 9

Collaborative for Children is dedicated to the success of young children by engaging critical stakeholders: teachers, parents/caregivers, and child care business owners. Through our Centers of Excellence, we offer a three-pronged approach:

1. Business Training for Directors: Equipping child care center directors with the necessary knowledge and skills to run high-quality centers that promote school readiness.

2. Coaching for Teachers: Enhancing instructional practices through coaching, curriculum resources, and professional development opportunities to create a conducive learning environment.

3. Parental Empowerment: Supporting parents with resources, guidance, and support to actively engage in their child’s early education, fostering a culturally sensitive home-to-school teaching and learning experience.

Collaborative for Children recognizes the importance of technology without excessive screen time. We utilize AI to personalize learning, allowing teachers to gauge each child’s understanding and ask targeted questions to deepen their knowledge.

Focusing on data-driven decision-making, Collaborative for Children leverages the data hub and technology to ensure equitable early childhood education. This evidence-based approach aims to support every child’s success from the start of their educational journey. Our mission is to provide high-quality early childhood education that prepares children for a bright future.

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Building Blocks Episode 10

Collaborative for Children is the optimal organization to blend early education theory and practice with modern technology. Because we will not allow one to supersede the other, we are not beholden to old and antiquated processes and procedures without looking far and wide for solutions supporting early education.

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Building Blocks Episode 11

Collaborative for Children seeks to provide Centers of Excellence in historically marginalized areas, especially in terms of quality education. The Centers of Excellence are placed around Greater Houston, including all 13 counties, where children and their families can access the highest quality of early childhood education.

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Building Blocks Episode 12

Children in impoverished communities often do not have access to the technology that will be used in K-12 classrooms. The last thing we want to do is send children from early learning child care environments to a K-12 system unprepared to be successful. See what Collaborative for Children is doing in our Centers of Excellence to bridge the digital divide and prevent Houston’s children from being left behind.  

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