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Collab Kids and Centers of Excellence Are at the Forefront of a Tech Revolution

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Collaborative for Children is THE recognized leader in perusing and advocating for high-quality early childhood education and making it available to preschool children throughout Greater Houston. Our programs focus on ensuring children have the skills necessary to begin school ready to learn. Preparing them to succeed with 21st century skills they can use to navigate future careers which don’t even exist today.

Trends show that we are on the cusp of another technological awakening.  With our Centers of Excellence, children have the opportunity to pursue a future that gives them every chance to do and create something extraordinary.

Collab Kids of the future will be leading the way with inventions just like this!

A tech startup called Shift Robotics is trending today thanks to their new BATTER-POWERED SHOES that make you walk up to 250% faster.

They are called Shift Moonwalkers and look somewhat like roller skates, but designed to let you walk normally. Users are walking and rolling at the same time, which sounds tough, but they use A.I. to adapt to the way you walk so you don’t trip or fall.

How fantastic does that sound?

Our Centers of Excellent teach STEM education to children 0-5 years old.  This focus helps to provide 21st century skills that will make our students more employable, innovative and ready to meet current and future labor demands.  The job market of the future will certainly be rich in innovation and our students will strive to be at the center of this tech revolution!




Watch the Shift Moonwalkers in motion

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