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Volunteer Engagement

Engage. Connect. Inspire. Volunteer. A brighter future awaits.

As an established leader in early childhood education, Collaborative for Children continues to support the needs of our Centers of Excellence, Collab Kids, and Shared Services members. Through our collective volunteer approach, we strive towards innovation while creating inclusive curated opportunities for the community to take part in the mission to shape the educational journey of school age children.

Volunteers share in performing activities purposely designed to, directly and indirectly, lead to an inspired, high-quality learning experience. These experiences, through volunteer engagement with Collaborative, build a stronger supportive relationship for the parent, teacher, director, and child.


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Want to become a Friend of Collaborative for Children?

Three Levels of Engagement


Storytime Hour and Literacy Activities (Preschool/Toddler Classrooms)

      • Encourage children to explore their imagination, by reading aloud to classroom groups that will aide to develop their comprehension and language skills


Classroom Aide

      • Provide teacher support by assisting them throughout their daily routine while meeting children’s classroom needs.


STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) Activities and Collab Lab

      • Guide young learners through the exploration of STEAM activities, help to distribute CC marketing materials, and engage with our clients throughout the Greater Houston community


Major Events & Activities

      • Setup support for community events and/or act as partnering vendor


Pop Up Drives

      • Host and support donation drives for resources and supplies beneficial to CC programming


Outdoor/Indoor Learning Space Buildout

      • Design and build, install, or purchase educational and playtime structures for COEs


Business Training / Vendor opportunities

      • Setup support for business seminars and/or act as partnering vendor hosting a table/booth with services aiding the Greater Houston community

We can only continue to do what we do, with the help of you.

Email volunteer@collabforchildren.org or call 713-600-1190 for questions or submit a volunteer inquiry by using the applicable forms.