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Our Impact

How we make wonder happen

We make wonder happen by implementing accessible, high-quality, innovative early learning opportunities for all children in the Greater Houston area.

Collaborative for Children’s goal is to give every child the foundation they need for long-term success by providing essential resources, mentorship, and guidance to our child care centers. We believe that children are the building blocks of the future, and we are committed to having each child school-ready by the age of 5.

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The Collab-Lab is our mobile classroom, bringing critical, future-focused early childhood education resources directly into underserved communities. Designed to be convenient for families, it connects parents and their youngest children with experts, educators, resources, and proven programs whose goal is to make sure that kids have the skills essential to learning from the moment they walk into a school for the first time.

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Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence are a model for child care providers, incorporating educators, mentors, support, engaged families, a web-based curriculum, and much more to make sure children can start achieving from the moment they first walk into a classroom. It enables community members, families, and kids to access at-home activities and gives children the chance to continue the early learning experience where they live, further strengthening their development and putting them on track for success.

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Why Early Childhood Education? Children who experience a high-quality early learning experience are ready to face the future with confidence, and prepared to seize all of its opportunities. Learn More
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