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Glossary of Terms

Collab Kid

Collab Kids are the building blocks of the future. They are the workforce and the leaders of tomorrow, gaining an early learning experience that will prepare them to overcome the challenges and solve the problems that confront the world in the 21st century. Endlessly curious, creative, inventive, and eager to achieve, Collab Kids are developing the vital next-generation skills that foster lifelong success.

Center of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence are a model for child care providers to help them nurture the skills in young children that are essential to seize the opportunities of tomorrow. This innovative partnership brings strong business practices together with effective early childhood education professionals and engaged families to ensure that all kids have the chance to pursue a future that gives them every opportunity to do something extraordinary.


Collab-Lab is a mobile classroom that brings critical, future-focused early childhood education directly to the community. Designed to be convenient for families, it connects parents and their youngest children with experts, educators, resources, and proven programs whose goal is to make sure that kids have the skills essential to learning from the moment they walk into a school for the first time.

For Educators

Collaborative for Children recognizes that educators are vital to early childhood education. So we do everything we can to help them prepare kids for success, providing the kind of knowledge, resources, and evidence-based professional development today that can make a difference tomorrow. We believe children are the building blocks of the future. But just as important, we believe educators are the foundation upon which that future is built.

For Parents

The dream of any parent is to see their child grow and thrive, and they can have a significant role in making that happen. The choices parents make now will have a profound impact on shaping their child’s future and realizing all the potential it holds. So we help them find the right, most effective child care resources, ensuring not only that children get the learning experience they need at an early age, but also the skills necessary for the success of a lifetime.