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21st Century Skills for Lifelong Success

As a leader in early childhood education for more than 35 years, Collaborative for Children’s goal is readying young children for the 21st century with innovative programs focused on positive outcomes.

We provide access to school-readiness tools, staff, software, and more to help ensure children are prepared for lifelong success. Beyond that, our programs also help the child care facilities with which we work to be financially successful and sought-after by parents and caregivers as Centers of Excellence.

Our Services

Collaborative for Children provides innovative early learning resources that improve school-readiness skills. As the architects of opportunity, we are committed to giving children access to proven, data-driven services and programs that prepare them for a life of success and achievement. Our services include:

childcare centers
Child Care Centers

Our business development department and its business specialists support child care center directors and owners in creating viable business practices that sustain enrollment, child attendance, and teacher retention. Learn more about our Business Accelerator program.

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Collaborative for Children’s mentors guide early child care education professionals in the use of data-driven metrics and results that focus on achieving positive outcomes. The goal is to assure that 70 percent of children demonstrate growth toward school readiness.

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Collaborative for Children Curriculum

Our Centers of Excellence use a 21st-century learning framework grounded in a comprehensive research-based curriculum (I Wonder!, 2020 Frog Street, Neuhaus, Prelude Music, CD, and C-STEM) that supports our dedication to preparing children for school and giving them every opportunity for lifelong success.

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faimly engagement
Families and Caregivers

Using a dual-generation approach, our family support specialists work with parents and caregivers to strengthen the parent-child relationship. This collaborative effort seeks to ensure that 90 percent of them apply our skills and practices so children have the skills not only to be ready for school but also to succeed in the 21st century workplace.

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Why Early Childhood Education? Children who experience a high-quality early learning experience are ready to face the future with confidence, and prepared to seize all of its opportunities. Learn More
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