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Upcoming Trainings

There’s Conflict; Let’s Find a Resolution 

Date: September 22, 2022

Time: 12:30-2:00 PM

Trainer: Wykesha Dixon


Description: Don’t find the fault; find the remedy. In this training, you will learn best practices for resolving a conflict between you as a manager and those you lead and resolving a conflict between staff members. 

Business Utilization and Implementation Learning Dashboard (B.U.I.L.D.)


The Business Utilization and Implementation Learning Dashboard (B.U.I.L.D.) is an online document knowledge hub! The dashboard contains a variety of supportive documents specific to business operations and management. These documents can be downloaded and edited to fit the needs of each child care program.


B.U.I.L.D. can be accessed and utilized by child care owners, directors, teachers, etc.


We want child care professionals to have a “go to” place for documents that will bolster strong business practices.

Access the Site Here!

On Demand Think Tank Trainings


Beth Cannon

Let’s set our intention to THRIVE after 2 years of barely surviving. We will explore your WOW as you focus on your WHY and discover the foundation of our joy and passion for children, teaching, and learning.


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Are You Ready to Goal Set?

Tym the Trainer

Have you set 2022 goals for your business yet? Well let’s get started. This training will focus on setting, maintaining and crushing your 2022 goals. Join us for this exciting and interactive training.


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Preparing to File Your 2021 Business Taxes

Nannette Ray, MBA

It is that time of year again…time to submit our taxes to the IRS. Join us for this interactive training as we discuss all things child care tax related. Come with your questions and leave with some great tax tips.


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How to Find the Right Person for the Right Job

CJ Petitt

For the last two years, we have all been struggling to find the right person to hire. Join us for this interactive training that will provide tips and tools on how to hire the right person to work in your center.


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Child Safeguarding

Greta Wetzel

The purpose of this training is to ensure that everyone who works with children ensures that these spaces are safe for children by promoting awareness and mitigating the risk of or actual harm that may come to children by employees, representatives programming or operations


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Creating a Culture for Staff Retention

Chanie Wilschanski

Now that you have the right staff, let’s talk about how you keep them. Please join us for this stimulating training on how to create a work culture that leads to staff retention


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Helping Caregivers Cope

Greta Wetzel

Learn about and discuss methods for caring for yourself as a caregiver so you can effectively support the recovery of the children and families you serve. Identify types of stress, stress coping techniques and discuss local support systems and resources.


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Marketing for Summer Camp

Jessica Cole

Make sure your program is fully enrolled this summer! This training will focus on marketing your center to your community to increase your enrollment.


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Child Care Funding Guide for FEMA Assistance

Militza Mezquita

This guide provides a simple road map to assist child care business owners in applying for disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or the Small Business Administration (SBA) after a disaster is declared. Learn and discuss tips and tools to support your business post disaster.


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Tax Planning for Childcare Owners

Nannette Ray, MBA

You all have questions, she has the answers! Join us for this interactive training as we discuss all things child care tax related. Come with your questions and leave with some great tax tips.


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Childcare Labor Crisis: Let’s Talk About It

Tony D’Agostino

In this training, Tony will walk you through the changing landscape and impact of staff retention. He will also highlight the main reasons that early childhood educators choose to stay at a center, and importantly, why they choose to leave. Walk away with actionable strategies on how you can improve your staff hiring process, find better quality educators and improve the lifecycle of your staff.


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7 Things to STOP Doing In Your Small Business

Rhonda Abrams

Most workshops focus on the things small businesses should do to succeed, but it’s also important to know what you should NOT do. Many small business owners waste their time, their money, and their energy on activities and strategies that will not pay off. Especially in response to Covid-19, small business owners and entrepreneurs need to eliminate the things that will keep them from their goals.


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