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For 35 years Collaborative for Children has been at the forefront of ensuring that all children are prepared for life, starting in their most formative years ages 0 through five when 90% of a child’s brain architecture is developed. Our focus is providing this active young mind with a combination of “next generation skills” and inquiry-based programming in our Centers of Excellence and on board the Collab-Lab.

Too many Houston-area children are not prepared to start kindergarten. In fact, 38% of Houston-area children under the age of five are living in poverty, affording them no chance of being ready to enter kindergarten. And 60% of children enter kindergarten ill-prepared to succeed.

A positive early learning experience in the first five years of life is the key to better jobs, better health outcomes, better incomes, better education, better socialization skills, and a better, brighter future.

We hope you will join us for a night celebrating excellence.

Chairs Patricia and Larry Campagna

“All kids deserve the very best start in life.”

Collaborative for Children is leading the way, providing next-generation skills and resources that help ensure all kids have a future bright with hope, possibility, success, and fulfillment.

Honorees Ginni and Richard Mithoff

The Mithoffs are longtime supporters of Collaborative for Children, with Ginni serving a two-year term as Board Chair. The Mithoffs feel that all of Houston’s preschool children need to begin kindergarten with the necessary tools for success in school.

Yes, I want to help ready Houston’s kids
for kindergarten and the future.