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Resources for Educators

Educators are vital to early learning success, and we provide the resources, support, and professional development to help them prepare children for future success.

Center of Excellence

Centers of Excellence are a model for childcare providers to help them nurture the skills in young children that are essential to seize the opportunities of tomorrow. This innovative partnership brings strong business practices together with effective early childhood education professionals and engaged families to ensure that all kids have the chance to pursue a future that gives them every chance to do something extraordinary.

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Business Accelerator

The Business Accelerator program is a customized, hands-on training program for the owners and operators of child care centers. Offering online courses for providers across Texas, it is designed to enhance their business practices and sustainability. By making these resources available, we’re helping centers raise the bar for quality early learning and foster a future rich with opportunities for children.

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Professional Development

Collaborative for Children recognizes the extraordinary impact that early learning educators and directors have on a child’s future, so we offer a range of resources to help them further sharpen their skills. Our team of experts provides evidence-based professional development virtually, online, or in a group setting, delivering instruction that is current, relevant, innovative, and essential to helping children prepare for the 21st-century workplace.



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