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What is a Collab Kid?

The building blocks of the future leaders.

Collab kids are curious, inventive, problem solvers. They are concerned citizens, lifelong learners, and future leaders. We know that as a parent, you want to give your child the best shot at a great future. And, yes, all children can be Collab Kids.

Collaborative for Children is passionate about empowering families and teachers with the tools to ensure that every child has the best early learning opportunities to succeed in an ever-changing 21st-century world.

How? By advancing play-based learning and enriched environments through programs like our I Wonder Curriculum and Centers of Excellence which encourage highly engaged, inquisitive learners. And by providing activities that all families can access and do at home.

We believe that a child’s early learning experiences set the tone for future educational endeavors from birth through elementary school and beyond. Did you know that during the first five years of life, 90% of a child’s brain architecture develops, forming the foundation for all future learning?

In addition to cognitive skills, our programming is centered on next-generation skills. At the core, we believe a Collab Kid should embody these five key attributes:

  • I am a global citizen.
  • I am an innovative creator.
  • I am a leader.
  • I am a digital learner.
  • I am a problem solver.

Want to set your child on the path to becoming a Collab-Kid?

Find a quality child care provider. Click here for a list of recommended providers, which have met our rigorous standards.

Engage with your child early and often at home.

Looking for help at home? —download the free activities below to do at home.

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Are you a provider and are interested in becoming a Center of Excellence?

In 2023, Collaborative for Children will work with an additional 75 child care providers to help them earn our accredited seal of excellence. Want to find a COE near you?

Want to become a COE?

Read more on COEs

Mark your calendar to join us this year when our Collab-Lab rolls into a neighborhood near you. This dual-generation digital classroom on wheels is packed with interactive learning stations guaranteed to inspire. Collab-Lab will frequent key designated neighborhoods but will also be available by request for select Saturdays each month. #followcollablab.

Support a Collab Kid! Building critical thinking skills is vital for all children, but not all children have the same early learning opportunities. You can help make sure all Houston-area kids become Collab Kids with a donation. Donate Here
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Collaborative for Children believes every child deserves high-quality early childhood education and access to innovative early learning opportunities that foster critical 21st-century skills. For over 35 years, we have provided families and educators with business resources and programming to help children ages 0 to 5 achieve school readiness. We are unyielding in our focus to provide early educational equity for all children. Today’s children face a workforce that does not yet exist. Early learning is the building block of future leaders. We are architects, using our collective ingenuity to usher in a future bright with possibilities for every child.