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Activities for Families

Activities to help a child’s little brain prepare for big success

A child’s brain architecture grows rapidly during the first five years of life, and early childhood education plays a major role in that process.

To fill these little brains with rich material, we offer activity cards that can be downloaded and enjoyed during family time at home. Visit this page often, too, as we add a new set of themed cards each month.

And if you’re looking for ways to celebrate diversity and engage little learners through exploration and play, here are some ideas. Watch “Sesame Street” with your child on Houston Public Media TV and talk about the characters; play Bedtime Math; or take a walk and identify bird songs. All these fun activities help develop your child’s brain and lay the foundation for school readiness.

Take-home activity cards

January — Social Skills Through Our World and Traditions

November — Building Social Skills and Our Community

October — Little Scientist

September — Math Exploration

August — Environmental Literacy

July — Gross Motor Fun!

June — My Senses! Outdoor Learning

May — Growth & Development