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Business Accelerator

Helping Child Care Centers Help Children Prepare For Tomorrow

Your child care business is a vital resource, not only for the parents and children you serve, but also for Houston’s economy. Child care accessibility and quality is the foundation for Houston’s workforce. Without it, millions of Houstonians – and especially vulnerable populations – will be unable to find work or do the jobs required in the 21st century. Collaborative for Children provides the training necessary to ensure that child care center leaders have the business skills and practices in place to serve families without interruption.

The Texas Workforce Commission awarded a $3 million grant to Collaborative for Children, in partnership with the Center for Nonprofits & Philanthropy at the Bush School at Texas A&M University, to improve the quality of child care in Texas. The Child Care Business Accelerator is a multi-phase program that will offer online courses to providers across Texas. It is intended to enable child care providers to stabilize their business operations so they can dedicate more time to improving the quality of early learning.

The Collaborative for Children Business Accelerator Program is a customized, hands-on business training program for owners and center directors seeking to increase their business sustainability and Texas Rising Star (TRS) certification.

How the Business Accelerator Program works:


  1. Complete your selected online course(s) and advance to a regional Child Care Business Summit. Register for one of the three Child Care Business Accelerator online modules.
  2. Participate and complete the eight-week online Child Care Business Accelerator modules.
  3. Attend the Child Care Business Virtual Summit with other child care leaders, participate in breakout sessions, and obtain additional training and knowledge.
  4. Use the knowledge and skills acquired through the learning process to increase your center’s viability and your business acumen.
  5. Receive your certificate of completion

Why should you participate?

  • To improve your overall business competency;
  • To identify any deficiencies in your business;
  • To stabilize operations of your child care center;
  • To implement practices that can make your business resilient against unexpected negative impacts; and
  • To create a high-quality environment for the children in your care.

The Business Accelerator Program has a suite of online course offerings that directly address the priority needs of center owners and directors. Ten courses provide core content in the following areas:

  • Human Resources Development (recruitment, orientation, and retention of staff)
    Supervision and Performance Appraisal (performance appraisal, staff development)
  • Budgeting 1 (financial literacy, personnel costs and allocation, benefits)
  • Budgeting 2 (administration for children and families, budget planning, accounting practices, lending possibilities, the importance of capital efficiency)
  • Business Management Skills
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Marketing and Promoting Business (using social media)
  • Program Planning and Evaluation (identifying key needs, creating and implementing customized improvement plans)
  • Risk Management
  • Family and Community Engagement

“Children are the world’s most valuable resources and its best hope for the future.”

– John F. Kennedy

Once participants have completed the online portion of the program, they can come together in Child Care Business Summits, interactive settings that foster sharing ideas and learning from other attendees. Ten events will be hosted in five areas of the state. At the conclusion, participants will have the tools and knowledge necessary to produce a business development plan specific to their business, ensuring a long and prosperous future and better early learning opportunities for children.

For More Information:

Email business-training@collabforchildren.org or call 713-600-1121