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Helping Child Care Centers Help Children Prepare For Tomorrow

Your child care business is a vital resource, not only for the parents and children you serve, but also for Houston’s economy. Child care accessibility and quality is the foundation for Houston’s workforce. Without it, millions of Houstonians – and especially vulnerable populations – will be unable to find work or do the jobs required in the 21st century. Collaborative for Children provides the training necessary to ensure that child care center leaders have the business skills and practices in place to serve families without interruption.

The Texas Workforce Commission awarded a $3 million grant to Collaborative for Children, in partnership with the Center for Nonprofits & Philanthropy at the Bush School at Texas A&M University, to improve the quality of child care in Texas. The Child Care Business Accelerator is a multi-phase program that will offer online courses to providers across Texas. It is intended to enable child care providers to stabilize their business operations so they can dedicate more time to improving the quality of early learning.

The Collaborative for Children Business Accelerator Program is a customized, hands-on business training program for owners and center directors seeking to increase their business sustainability.

Types of Trainings Offered:

  • Self-Paced Online Courses – This program focuses on an array of business practices tailored to the needs of Texas Child Care Administrators to increase capacity for business owners and operators. We hope that with this training program, you can apply business practices that will in turn improve the safety and quality of child care services at your organization.
  • Virtual Think Tank Sessions – This type of training offers child care providers an opportunity to interact with trainers and each other in Zoom sessions. The topics change each time but remain within the topics of child care business management. Attendees will log-off training with relevant tools to use in their centers to improve quality and resiliency.
  • In-Person Summit Training – Summits are offered across the state to provide in-person training on child care-specific topics of financial literacy, marketing, human resources, and social-emotional training. Attendees can choose various trainings to attend throughout the half-day conference that they will benefit most from in their centers.
  • B.U.I.L.D. – The Business Utilization and Implementation Learning Dashboard (B.U.I.L.D.) is an online document knowledge hub. The dashboard contains a variety of supportive documents specific to business operations and management. These documents can be downloaded and edited to fit the needs of each child care program. We want child care professionals to have a “go to” place for documents that will bolster strong business practices.

Why should you participate?

  • To improve your overall business competency;
  • To identify any deficiencies in your business;
  • To stabilize operations of your child care center;
  • To implement practices that can make your business resilient against unexpected negative impacts; and
  • To create a high-quality environment for the children in your care.

All of the Business Accelerator Program pieces of training address topics that directly address the priority needs of center owners and directors. These sessions provide core content in the following areas:

  • Center Operations
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Financial Literacy, Assets, Debt Management
  • Human Resources, Personnel Laws, and Performance Management
  • Management Fundamentals, Leadership, and Team Building
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Management and Planning


After participating in any of the Business Accelerator Program pieces of training, participants will have the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure a long and prosperous future and better early learning opportunities for children.


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What Child Care Owners are Saying I am so sad the Think Tanks are over. I looked forward to 6:00 Thursdays because I knew I was going to receive great input and support form not only the speaker and “MC” but the participants also! Knowing that other director/owners were going through the same things as myself and hearing how they were struggling, and over-coming was a boost for me. These Think Tanks were beneficial not only in the learning factor, but also in the fact that I now have a support system that I can reach out to at any time and know that we can problem solve and support each other in a way that I have never had before!! Shawn Waggner, Owner & Director, Kids Campus
What Child Care Owners are Saying I would like to start off by saying the Childcare Business Course is one of the most informative courses I've taken in a while. Then, the idea of adding weekly Think Tank sessions to expand on what was learned, took it to another level. I was so grateful to openly share & gain knowledge from other childcare business owners, and a multitude of experts on various topics. I learned something new that I was able to incorporate into our business after each Think Tank session. The interactive polls kept us engaged and we were allowed to ask in-depth questions and received quality feedback. Pairing the Childcare Business Course with live weekly Think Tank sessions really pulled all the information together for me. I was so excited to log on and hear all the golden nuggets that were being dropped every week! Lol, I didn't miss a Thursday, because I knew I would be missing out on some valuable information that would help us elevate to the next level in business. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing program! D. Sophia Davis, Owner, Cradles to Crayons in Houston, TX
What Child Care Owners are Saying I so enjoyed the ‘Think Tank Sessions’ each Thursday as an extended part of the “Childcare Business Training Program” that I have been participating in over the last 7 weeks. To have an opportunity to visit with and hear from other owners and directors on how they operate their programs and businesses has been invaluable especially as we all try to recover from the last year and half of the pandemic. Tim Kaminski, Director/Owner, Gingerbread Kids Academy
What Child Care Owners are Saying AWESOMENESS!! I have been empowered by EVERY single moment of the Child Care Business Accelerator Course! I totally LOVE that the information is geared toward Child Care Centers! I participated in the Business and Financial Literacy course in July 2020, and it was AMAZING!! Having another opportunity to “Go for the Gold”, I immediately signed up! Everyone is so relatable, and the information is straight to the point and put in laymen’s terms. This training is a Godsend!! Mrs. Charlotte Y. Watts, M.Ed., Director & PreK Teacher Emeritus, Early Childhood Specialist