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At Collaborative for Children, we understand that early childhood education is the education of a lifetime.

It shapes futures. Fosters leadership. Prepares kids to deal with – and overcome – the challenges that await them in the future. But it is also a journey that must begin at the right time in the right way, and that’s our focus: To make sure that every child, in every community, has the learning skills they need to achieve great things from the moment they start school.

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What is Collab Kid?

The future belongs to those who are prepared for it, and Collab Kids are ready for the challenge. They’re the building blocks of tomorrow – curious, inventive, creative, problem solvers, full of wonder, and eager to learn and achieve. When Collab Kids take the next steps in life, whether it is in the classroom or in their careers, they can do it with confidence. Because they’ve had the advantage of an early education experience that opened the doors to their dreams.

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center of excellence
Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence are models for child care providers that help them develop and deliver the 21st century skills kids need to thrive in the world and workplace of the future. They combine proven business practices with early childhood education professionals and engaged families in a partnership that lays a foundation for leadership, learning, citizenship, and achievement. Children who learn in a Center of Excellence are children who are ready to succeed.

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collab lab

Every child deserves the right start. But unfortunately, not every child has access to the learning resources they need to prepare them for what lies ahead. Collab-Lab is a mobile classroom designed to bring early childhood education directly to the community. It connects parents and their kids with experts, programs, and educators whose goal is to ensure that a child’s path to a better tomorrow begins on the right track.

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data driven
Measuring what matters

Collaborative for Children continuously collects, assesses, and operationalizes critical data in real time. Rather than making educated guesses or assumptions, we analyze the facts we have gathered from multiple sources to get a better look at what practices are performing best. Using that aggregated knowledge, we can expand or improve the programs and resources we offer; enhance our own decision making; and improve outcomes and results for children.

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Collab-Lab is Here!

Collaborative for Children brings free dual-generation learning to Acres Homes, Galena Park, and Greater Greenspoint (North Houston)

Ensuring today’s children are ready for tomorrow’s challenges

Collaborative for Children was created in 1987 with a singular focus: To ensure that children get the learning opportunities they need at an early age, so they can be prepared for whatever challenges tomorrow may hold. We believe strongly that every child deserves a chance to achieve their dreams, and we provide next-generation skills and resources that give kids – all kids – a real shot at a future that glimmers with hope, possibility, and success.

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Resources for lifelong success

Preparing educators and families to prepare kids for the future

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For Educators

Collaborative for Children recognizes the absolute value educators bring to early childhood education. We believe that while children are the building blocks of the future, educators are the foundation upon which that future is built.


For Families

All parents dream of seeing their children grow and thrive, and the choices they make in the first five or six years of life play a major role in realizing those dreams. So we connect them with the care, resources, and services that ensure their child gets the early learning experience they need, the 21st century skills necessary for lifelong success, and the confidence to grab any opportunity that finds them.

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Collab for Children touches the lives of more than 103,000 children in the 13-county Houston-Galveston region.

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Give a child a better chance at a better future

By donating to Collaborative for Children, you will be supporting the full range of innovative early learning programs and services we bring to the community. But your gift will do more than just help children get access to the skills that the 21st century will require. It will also foster their hopes of a better life and a more promising future. We want to make sure every child has every chance to succeed. But we need your help to do it. And we need it now.

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Stars Collab kids are curious, inventive, problem solvers. They are concerned citizens, lifelong learners, and future leaders. What is a Collab Kid?