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Professional Development

Helping child care providers prepare children to succeed in the 21st century

Institute for early learning

Collaborative for Children recognizes the extraordinary role that child care professionals play in shaping extraordinary kids. They are vital to providing an early learning experience in the first five years of a child’s life that is critical to future success, achievement, and confidence. That’s why the team of professional development experts at Collaborative for Children is focused on building the skills and capacity of early childhood care providers in the Greater Houston region.

Live Virtual Classes

These live training sessions are conducted by an early childhood education expert and provide interaction and informative discussion between participants and the instructor. The classes are currently focused on helping child care directors and educators respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. See our schedule of classes.

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On-Demand Trainings

These sessions provide early childhood providers with teacher education and training that will equip them with tools to be able to deliver the most favorable cognitive and socio-emotional outcomes for the children that they serve. These on-demand sessions are available as recorded pieces of training which can be accessed 24/7.

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Online Classes

Written by experts in early childhood development and education, our online classes are convenient, self-paced, and can accommodate busy schedules. Certificates and professional development hours are awarded upon successful completion of the course material and pre-and post-tests. The online classes are delivered in partnership with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, an educational agency of the Texas A&M System.

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STEM Courses Online

Our six STEM courses are designed to help preschool teachers and child care providers implement science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning in their classrooms so they can better prepare children for the workplace of tomorrow.

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