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Parents as Teachers

Home Visitation Program

We understand that families are a child’s first exposure to early learning.

Collaborative for Children offers a home visitation program supported by the national Parents as Teachers curriculum for pregnant women and families of children 4 years of age or younger in Harris County. Each family is provided with monthly services throughout the year in the comfort of their own home, acquiring the knowledge, education, skills, and support to strengthen the relationship between the family unit and the child.

Families are guided by an experienced specialist using the Parents as Teachers Evidence-Based Home Visiting Model. This is a school-readiness approach designed for parent education, family support, and well-being, and is based on the vision that “all children will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.” The support tools include family goal setting, identifying resources focused on specific family needs, and building positive interactions for the child. The program also offers other resources such as free developmental screenings, mentorship, and opportunities to connect with other families through group interactive learning sessions that help kids be ready for school.

If you are interested in improving your knowledge of child development, learning appropriate activities to stimulate early brain development, or taking advantage of other parenting techniques to create a healthier home environment for you, your child, and the entire family, call 713.600.1102, or email

Quick tips to help start your child on the right path to learning

The following tips are for families and others who are caring for young children, and are designed to help kids and their families to reach their full potential.

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