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Who We Are

Collaborative for Children is the go-to resource for providing high-quality, future-focused early childhood education services, and the architect of a better, richer life for all kids.

Collaborative for Children is a non-profit organization that for over 35 years has been making wonder happen for kids in the Greater Houston area.


As the leading resource for early childhood education in the region, we are committed to shaping bold, innovative approaches that improve the learning opportunities for children in the first five years of life and to provide a strong foundation that prepares them for 21st-century success.

Core Values

With the child in mind:

  • We relentlessly pursue excellence.
  • We respect and promote diverse points of view.
  • We innovate boldly, fearlessly and courageously.
  • We celebrate transparency.


All children in Greater Houston have the high-quality early learning opportunities they need to achieve their full potential.


We meaningfully improve the quality  of early childhood education and care for Greater Houston’s children through those who are most influential in their lives.

what we do

reach their dreams
We give all children a better chance to reach their dreams

We believe that every child deserves to realize their dreams of a better education, better job, and better future. Collaborative for Children is at the forefront of making that happen, improving the quality of early childhood education to start all kids on the right path to life’s possibilities.

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collaborate teacher mentor
We collaborate with teachers to ensure children are ready to learn

Our mentors work with early child care education professionals, guiding them in the use of Collaborative for Children’s evidence-based teaching programs and methodologies to ensure that 70 percent of kids show clear progress toward school readiness.

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measure success
We measure the success of our programs to deliver optimal outcomes

Collaborative for Children captures and analyzes data in real-time to get a better idea of how our programs are performing. By measuring what matters, we can improve outcomes for children, expand our resources, and assure accountability.

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values of a liftime
We embrace the values of a lifetime

Collaborative for Children’s values are clear and unwavering: We relentlessly pursue excellence; innovate boldly and courageously; respect and promote diverse points of view; and celebrate transparency.

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Our History

Collaborative for Children was established in 1987 as a resource to provide child care and referral services to Houston-area companies, particularly in response to an increase in the number of working mothers. Since then, it has evolved into a leader in delivering essential, high-quality early childhood education services whose purpose is to give kids the learning experience they need for long-term success, achievement, and personal fulfillment.

Journey Through History


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Dr. Melanie J. Johnson

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Belinda Munsell

Alisa Ealy, CPA, MBA, CFE

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Susan Kennedy

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Collaborative for Children is a future-focused organization that believes every child deserves a high-quality early learning experience that fosters critical 21st-century skills.

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