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The Red Door Social Emotional Development Conference on 9/10/22

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Collaborative for Children powered by Workforce Solutions.

Alexis Terrell, a Workforce Solutions Sr. Mentor, is seen here taking a picture with a teacher from Grandma’s House CCC, a 4-Star TRS Certified program. Teachers and Directors were invited to attend “Behind the Little Red Door-Social Emotional Conference” that was held at the Katy Early Childhood Enrichment Center on September 10, 2022.  Click the link below to learn more about becoming a Texas Rising Star certified program.

Get certified here

Teachers and directors had the opportunity to learn about becoming a Texas Rising Star certified provider from Workforce Solutions Senior Mentors Jessica Berastain and Alexis Terrell.

Are you ready to become a Texas Rising Star certified provider? Our staff is here to help! Workforce Solutions Senior Early Childhood Mentors, Laura Arredondo, Angelina Yesufu, and Jessica Berastain support, coach and guide programs in obtaining and maintaining Texas Rising Star certification.

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