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Collaborative for Children October Review!

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We kicked off National Book Month with a List of Must Read Books for Collab Kids.  

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Collaborative for Children President and CEO Dr. Melanie Johnson Receives Latino Learning Center Humanitarian Award at Hotel ZaZa Houston.


This month, we shared some fun take-home activities you can share with your child. This activity introduces them to the letters in their name and enhances their language and motor skills. 

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The Business Development team hosted a Child Care Business Accelerator Summit in San Antonio!! Childcare owners, directors and those that aspire to be owners and directors had a full day of training on Human Resources, Financial Literacy, Marketing and the FEMA Guide for childcare providers.


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Our President and CEO, Dr. Melanie Johnson, at this week’s Houston DIVERSECITY Summit with Greater Houston Partnership. “Our progress in Houston depends on each of us. I do hope you will remain inspired to act, to challenge the status quo, to be an inclusive leader and work to accelerate progress.”



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