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Happy National Book Month!

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Did you know that reading to a child helps improve their vocabulary, comprehension, and ability to process information. It also stimulates their imagination, expands their understanding of the world, and strengthens their social, emotional and character development. As we celebrate National Book Month, take time to read a book with your child today, tomorrow, everyday! Check out this PBS Kids article sharing tips on reading time with your child.

Check out our 5 Collab-Kid approved books that you can read with your child.

  • All the Silly Stuff in My Teeth
    • Author: Mike Henson

Buy it on Amazon Here
  • Bathe the Cat
    • Author: Alice B. McGinty

Buy it on Amazon Here
  • The Wills and the Won’ts
    • Author: Angela Woolfe

Buy it on Amazon Here
  • Jabari Tries
    • Author:  Gaia Cornwall

Buy it on Amazon Here
  • My Good Morning
    • Author: Kim Crockett-Corson

Buy it on Amazon Here

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