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November Catch Up With Collaborative

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The Holidays are here and November was a BUSY month at Collaborative for Children!  Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to in improving the lives of children in Houston.

We wrapped up our first ever Happy Hall-o-STEAM contest!

The Collab Kids at our Centers of Excellence are showing their creative (not so evil) genius with these incredible fall-themed STEAM activities. Check out these Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math activities and make sure to like and share.

No tricks! All STEAM treats!



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What a fun day at Tech Fest Live!

Collaborative for Children is at the forefront of early education, using STEAM and 21st-century challenges to teach school-readiness skills to children ages birth to five years. We’re proud to be a part of Tech Fest Live this year and to collaborate with leading businesses and organizations that share our passion for technology and learning.

Full STEAM ahead!

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Happy fall, y’all!

We ensure that every Collab Kid in our Centers of Excellence achieves Texas pre-k guidelines in social-emotional skills by following rules and routines when assisted by adults. These pumpkin patch-making Collab Kids are ready for Kindergarten!

Our President and CEO, Dr. Melanie Johnson, is the Child Advocate of the Year awarded by Children at Risk!

We’re immensely grateful to CHILDREN AT RISK for recognizing our vital work at Collaborative for Children. This award celebrates our achievements and motivates us to continue our mission of providing quality early childhood education for all of Houston’s Collab Kids!

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Our President and CEO, Dr. Melanie Johnson, has been inducted into the Smart Business Dealmakers Hall of Fame!

This distinguished accolade acknowledges Collaborative for Children’s exceptional efforts in fostering collaboration and engaging with thought leaders from diverse fields to craft innovative solutions for early childhood education.

Dr. Johnson award

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Did you know that only one in three children in Houston can pass the 3rd-grade literacy exam?

At Collaborative for Children, we ensure that every Collab Kid in our Centers of Excellence achieves Texas pre-k guidelines by recognizing the ABCs and correlating sounds and shapes. Drawing in rice allows Collab Kids to learn fine motor skills, spelling, vocabulary, and word recognition.

Plus, it’s fun!

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