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Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

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Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

Pizza! Every Collab Kid we know loves that cheesy, crusty, saucy crowd-pleaser that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack!  According to a recent survey of 2000 Americans, 98% said pizza was one of their favorite foods and 22% eat pizza at least once a week!

Did you know there’s even a couple of U.S. pizza museums in Chicago and Philadelphia?

Making pizza from home helps your child learn a range of skills from cooking, counting, measuring and following directions!  Your child learns how to cook, which is a lifelong skill they’ll appreciate one day. Kids also get to see science in action while they observe how the dough changes and the cheese melts.

Learn more HERE.


Here’s a few fun activities you can do this week to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza day:

  • Have a pizza party! Invite a group of friends over and celebrate with a great meal!
  • Pizza review! Order pizza from more than one delivery place and do a blind taste test to see if you can identify the restaurant and which pizza each member of your family members likes best.
  • Make your own pizzas! There are many (easy) kid-friendly pizza recipes online.  Click HERE or HERE or HERE or even HERE to find the one that you and your child can make together.  Your children can add the toppings they choose and these recipes are perfect for those picky eaters!
  • Also, kids are always more likely to eat foods they make themselves, so this is a perfect opportunity to get them to try other foods like green peppers, mushrooms, ham or anything else they have been reluctant to taste. Making small pizzas with different toppings is a great way to introduce new foods.

Happy Pepperoni Pizza Day!  Enjoy!

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