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Collaborative for Children launches groundbreaking business accelerator program for child care centers



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Collaborative for Children launches groundbreaking business accelerator program for child care centers
Agency awarded $3 million grant from the Texas Workforce Commission to increase the number of quality child care programs statewide

Houston, TX (June 29, 2020) – Collaborative for Children has launched the state’s first-ever business accelerator program to help increase the number of quality child care centers and family child care homes across the state, especially in underserved areas, and to strengthen Texas’ child care system.

Child care programs are essential to preparing our young children for the future workforce. But like many businesses, Texas child care has been struck hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The timing of this new program, along with a $3 million grant award from the Texas Workforce Commission, could not have been better as many programs are struggling to overcome challenges presented by the crisis. The business accelerator provides early childhood providers with eight-weeks of intensive business training based on best practices in budgeting, performance management and emergency preparedness. This training will enable child care owners and directors to build and maintain sustainable businesses so that early learners can be optimally prepared for K-12 school.

“We are thrilled that the state has entrusted us with this grant to build a program that will provide the support so many child care programs need, particularly those in quality child care deserts,” said Dr. Melanie Johnson, president and CEO of Collaborative for Children. “Child care is a priority for every community. It makes it possible for parents to earn a living and for businesses to have a stable workforce, but most importantly, it prepares our youngest citizens for the 21st century workforce. We must gird our child care system so that child care programs not only survive, but also thrive after the next crisis.”

The business accelerator brings together resources from Texas A&M University’s Bush School of Government and Public Policy Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy to develop several online modules and to provide world-class research expertise to an integrated, multi-phase business training program.

The business accelerator also has a local component created by Collaborative for Children that designates child care programs within the Greater Houston area as Centers of Excellence. Twenty-four child care programs have been recruited to become COEs. These providers will receive support to strengthen their businesses, while also receiving comprehensive classroom instruction through the COE program, which offers a bold, holistic approach to early childhood education. Centers that earn the COE designation provide high-quality early childhood education that helps young children reach developmental milestones and become ready for kindergarten.

Centers of Excellence receive the following support from Collaborative for Children:


  • Professional development with an intensive one-on-one consultation of business management services, including a robust financial plan to chart growth and budget to help support a viable business profile.
  • Web-based, peer-to-peer outreach with social/emotional support to talk about day-to-day challenges of classroom management and emergency preparedness.
  • Access to a talent pool of instructional and teaching staff.
  • Marketing, branding, and social media resources.
  • Comprehensive curriculum that includes teaching next generation 21st century skills.
  • Technology assistant software.
  • Optional access to quality improvement through Texas Rising Star, the state’s quality rating and improvement system.

About Collaborative for Children

We believe every child deserves high-quality early childhood education. We help child care providers and parents in readying children for kindergarten and a world that does not yet exist. Our bold, holistic approach to early learning builds tomorrow’s workforce today by nurturing curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration all by age 5. It also changes the way parents and caregivers engage with children by fostering positive interactions, safe environments and strong outcomes. As a 33-year-old nonprofit, we are proudly rooted in research and innovation for the betterment of our community. For more information, visit

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