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Collaborative for Children February Review

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February was a BUSY month at Collaborative for Children! Here’s just a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to.  Let’s start with some MAJOR news! 

Centers of Excellence reveals that 92%-100% of low-income children ages 0-24 months met or EXCEEDED Social-Emotional Learning milestones! 



Collaborative for Children is constantly working to thrust education forward for Greater Houston and beyond! The results from this remarkable data confirm that we have surpassed early childhood education expectations. Our Centers of Excellence reveal that 92%-100% of low-income children ages birth to 24 months met or EXCEEDED Social- Emotional Learning domains in 2022!

As the leading resource for early childhood education in the region, Collaborative for Children is committed to shaping bold, innovative approaches that improve the learning opportunities for all Houston’s children in the first five years of life and to provide a strong foundation that prepares their rapidly developing brains for kindergarten and 21st-century success.

*Data analyzed by the Baker Institute for Public Policy of Rice University.

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Strong From the Start!



Our From the Start training event was facilitated by the Collaborative for Children Business Development. This session is a social-emotional training that focuses on walking child care providers through identifying and building upon their strengths as leaders in the child care industry. Thank you to St. John Divine for allowing the use of their facility for the training.


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Collaborative for Children Full STEAM Ahead!


By the end of 2023, more than 70% of low-income children, ages 0 to 5, enrolled in a Center of Excellence will demonstrate progress in the central domains of social-emotional development, literacy, cognition, and approaches.

These same children will make up our future workforce and create innovative solutions for pollution, hydro fuels, biotech, food sustainability, and more. These challenges are why getting children excited about STEAM early on enables them to become confident and involved learners.

Earlier this month, the entire Collaborative for Children team took some time to design activities to help young learners solve a critical STEAM challenge that Houston will face in the 21st century. Many of these creative activities will be implemented in the STEAM curriculum at our Centers of Excellence and on our Collab-Lab.

As leaders in early childhood education for more than 35 years, Collaborative for Children’s goal is readying young children for the 21st century with innovative programs focused on positive outcomes.

And we got to have a little fun and use our imagination at work!

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Collaborative for Children’s Centers of Excellence are THRIVING!



Collaborative for Children’s Centers of Excellence improved financial health by 81% in 2022! The child care centers in low-income and minority-populated communities are becoming stronger than EVER!

We have a team of business accelerator specialists that support child care center directors and owners by developing viable business practices geared towards producing sustainable centers. Our methods are proven and our results are incredible!

By making these resources available, we’re helping centers raise the bar for quality early learning and foster a future rich with opportunities for children.

Over the next five years, our goal is to establish 125 Centers of Excellence in neighborhoods across the greater Houston area.

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First Child Care Business Accelerator Summit of 2023!


Collaborative for Children closed out February with a BANG!! Business Development hosted its first Child Care Business Accelerator Summit of 2023. Child care business owners and directors in attendance were able to attend sessions regarding Financial Forecasting, How to Market your Business Online, Hiring, interviewing and Retention, and Child Care Emergency Preparedness. Our goal will continue supporting centers towards improved sustainability and viability.


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