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Centers of Excellence Reveals Ground-Breaking Learning Outcomes!

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Centers of Excellence reveals that 92%-100% of low-income children ages 0-24 months met or EXCEEDED Social-Emotional Learning milestones! 

Collaborative for Children is constantly working to thrust education forward for Greater Houston and beyond! The results from this remarkable data confirm that we have surpassed early childhood education expectations. Our Centers of Excellence reveal that 92%-100% of low-income children ages birth to 24 months met or EXCEEDED Social- Emotional Learning domains in 2022!

As the leading resource for early childhood education in the region, Collaborative for Children is committed to shaping bold, innovative approaches that improve the learning opportunities for all Houston’s children in the first five years of life and to provide a strong foundation that prepares their rapidly developing brains for kindergarten and 21st-century success.

*Data analyzed by the Baker Institute for Public Policy of Rice University.


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