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Collaborative for Children Advocates for Child Care Funding at Harris County Commissioners Court

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In a recent address to the Harris County Commissioners Court, Melanie Johnson, President and CEO of Collaborative for Children, emphasized the critical need for sustainable child care infrastructure in Harris County. The focus of her message was on the approval of the budget, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring that evidence-based child care services are accessible to the community.

As Johnson pointed out, the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a significant blow to the region’s child care centers, resulting in the loss of nearly one-third of these vital facilities. For many families, child care is not merely a convenience; it’s an essential service that enables parents to work and children to receive early education.

Johnson stressed that child care should be approached in a manner other than reactively but proactively, recognizing it as a fundamental part of the community’s infrastructure. She advocated approving the budget containing provisions for sustainable, evidence-based child care services.

Through the Early Childhood Impact Fund, Collaborative for Children has been working diligently to bring together a diverse range of funding sources, both public and private, to support the development of a sustainable child care model.  

Collaborative for Children remains committed to advocating for child care and championing the cause of high-quality early childhood education, ensuring every child has access to the resources they need for a brighter future.

Listen to the speech here:


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