Collab-Lab Visited Discovery Green for Toddler Tuesday! - Collaborative for Children
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Collab-Lab Visited Discovery Green for Toddler Tuesday!

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Our Collab-Lab is very popular with children and families for Toddler Tuesday at Discovery Green!

Our Collab-Lab is a mobile classroom that brings critical, future-focused early childhood education directly to the community at no cost. Designed to be convenient for families, it connects parents and their youngest children with experts, educators, resources, and proven programs whose goal is to ensure that kids have the skills essential to learning from the moment they walk into kindergarten for the first time.

Aboard our Collab-Lab, children and their families learned about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and how they can help solve 21st-century issues affecting Houston.

read more about our Collab-Lab here

Let’s take a quick “ride” together!

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