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Collab Kids are 21st-Century Innovators!

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wrapped up earlier this month and the innovations this year have been amazing! These are the types of scientific breakthroughs we envision future Collab Kids advancing! Collab kids are curious, inventive problem solvers

There is a German-made electric back brace that gives workers a boost of power when they lift something heavy. Imagine having the strenth of a super-robot!

LG unveiled a new line of ultra-thin laptops. Not only are they super light, but they’re also less than 1-32nd of an inch!

And a French company called AtmosGear showed off their electric roller blades, which can do 25 miles an hour!

As the leading resource for early childhood education in the region, we are committed to shaping bold, innovative approaches that improve the learning opportunities for children in the first five years of life and provide a strong foundation that prepares them for 21st-century success. Through our Centers of Excellence, Collab Kids will be prepared for the workforce of the future and innovations in STEAM just like these!



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