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Collab Kid Top 10 Things to Do This Weekend! 8/26-8/28

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Hoping you get a chance to get out this weekend and enjoy some of these events our communities have to offer.


This is the Collab Kid Top 10 List of FUN things to do this weekend!


#1          Kids’N Fun Festival at MacGregor Park.


#2          The Kids are All Write at Smithers Park.


#3          Kid’s Karaoke Paint Party.


#4          Museum Family Day at Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts.


#5          Back to School Family Fun Day at Tom Bass Park.


#6          Back to School Block Party at Southwell Park.


#7          Back to School Bash & Movie Night at Archbishop.


#8          Houston Astros vs. Baltimore Orioles.   


#9          National Battle of The Bands.


#10       Drum Jam at Levy Park.


Do you have a fun family event happening in your community and want to share it with us?

Email: cmurphy@collabforchildren.org

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