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9/26 is National Family Day!

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National Family Day: 4 Essential Parenting Hacks

National Family Day is September 26th and we’ve outlined four simple parenting hacks for families to take advantage of!

Try “Gamification” to Make Chores More Fun

Everyone knows that getting kids to do chores can be a difficult feat. Turning chores into games can make them more fun and provide educational benefits!

  • Play “musical chores!” When a song pauses, you rotate chores for a while. This can help your child feel less bored with their chores.
  • Allow your child to choose a fun family event should they complete their task (movie, meal, activity, etc).
  • Create a maze/board game where each task earns your child progress towards the end (and maybe a reward).
  • Provide small rewards for incremental processes, such as a piece of candy for each section of a cleaned room.

Sneak in Learning Opportunities Wherever Possible

Not all learning has to be your child sitting in a chair and having a teacher talk to them. Use the following tips to make learning not feel like a chore.

  • If your child enjoys watching T.V. and movies, turn on the closed captions so they’re both reading and listening. This can help them develop better communication skills.
  • Try cooking with your child as this allows for hands-on interaction and encourages them to follow guides and step-by-step instructions.
  • Playing board games can be a great way to practice basic skills such as counting, adding and subtracting, taking turns and even strategic thinking.
  • Utilize games not specifically designed for education as they’re often less tedious and more likely to capture your child’s attention. For older children, Kerbal Space Program is a great way to learn about technology, physics and space!

Kickstart Your Heart With Daily Exercise

Sometimes it can be hard to get your kid off the couch, but there are a few ways to help exercise feel less tiresome and more fun!

  • Sports are a great way to get exercise for your child; it feels less like a chore and more interactive with an end goal.
  • Family hikes are a great way to help kids get moving in addition to encouraging them to appreciate nature.
  • Certain household chores such as washing the car or walking the dog are great ways to get your child up and moving!

Jump Into Playtime Without the Mess

Kids can often get a little carried away during playtime, so here are a few tips to help reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up afterward.

  • When using paints or art tools, set down large sheets of paper as a blanket, this way your child can not only use them to draw on, but you can easily pick them up once they’re done.
  • Have a dedicated playroom for your child with all their toys. If you don’t currently have space, many parents opt for a low interest home equity loan for a quick lump sum of money for home improvement projects. Renovating your basement, attic, or a spare bedroom for a playroom are all great options to give your child more space to be creative without disrupting other areas of your home. 
  • Get your child a toy bag and play mat combo, as it works both as storage and a place for them to spread out their toys. Once done, you can pull the strings and all the toys are back in a bag!


This National Family Day, prioritize learning and spending time together as a family. While this day doesn’t have to be fancy, treat it as an opportunity to put your best foot forward as a parent. 

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