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How Parents Can Foster a Love of Nature in Their Kids



It wasn’t too long ago that the bond between humans and nature was an unshakable one. Sadly, the advent of technology has driven a wedge between the outdoors and the younger generation—so much so that it’s getting harder and harder to pry today’s kids from their gadgets to spend time outdoors, resulting in nature-deficit disorder. For this reason, it becomes more and more important for parents to step in and help kids see nature in another light—one that is full of enriching opportunities for play and learning.


Here are some great resources, courtesy of Collaborative for Children, to help foster an appreciation—and maybe even love—for nature in kids.


Outdoor Benefits

Learn about the benefits of spending time outdoors and why it’s crucial for your children.


  • Make a point to get outdoors as a family to avoid nature deficit disorder, because it affects all of us – kids and adults alike.
  • Nature helps kids develop in virtually every way possible, from sensory activities to intellectual explorations and emotional opportunities.
  • Teaching your child to be in and enjoy nature might actually help their mental health throughout their life. What a worthwhile investment!


Outdoor Fun With the Family

These enjoyable activities can teach your kids to appreciate nature. It’s also important to model a connection to nature yourself.


  • Teach your kids how to hike safely, and to follow important hiking safety rules.
  • Don’t ever stop looking to the stars, and teach your kids to do the same with some fun stargazing experiences.
  • Make your yard a safe play environment by hiring fence contractors to either repair your fence or install a new one.
  • Help your kids find the beauty of nature from the comfort of the couch. Then, you can make it a point to go out and find some of what they’ve seen on tv.


Outdoor Peer Play

Team sports and outdoor time with friends has physical, mental, and social benefits for your children.


  • Get your kid involved in team sports to help them learn the benefits of teamwork while building physical and social skills.
  • See if soccer is a hit with your child. This game is low risk, but still teaches kids to value the team over the individual while building their own skills.
  • Encourage the kids to break out the old school games, like Freeze Tag, Capture the Flag, and Tug O War.


Teach your kids to love nature, and nature will love them right back. The best part is that Mother Nature is always open and ready to receive those who wish to return to her embrace. So what are you waiting for?


If you’re looking for additional ways to help your child learn and grow, visit the Collaborative for Children. We gather resources for parents and educators to help set every child up for a lifetime of learning and success. Visit us online to learn more and to find helpful resources for your child.

Article written by Brad Krause

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