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7 Reasons You Need to Take Your Child to a Corn Maze

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Fall is here!  Time to hit up all the area pumpkin patches and corn mazes and get those perfect fall pictures of your kids.

Corn mazes are always so much fun and there are so many educational and developmental opportunities for children!

Corn mazes can:

  • Enhance problem solving skills (How do we get from here to here?)
  • Improve spatial awareness (Did we go left? Do we go right)
  • Increase appreciation of nature (Helps us unplug and look around)
  • Strengthen memory (Do you remember the clues to get out? What have we seen?)
  • Promote sensory experiences (Fresh air, feel the stalks of corn, get in the dirt)
  • Reinforce language development (ask them to verbalize what they see as you walk)
  • Spark creativity!

Also, thanks to the Corn Kid, corn is very cool these days! 🙂


Click here for corn mazes

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