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Time to Pick a Pumpkin!

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Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner!  Cooler temps (hopefully) allow us to get out and about to experience all the fun fall activities Houston and the surrounding areas provide.

Pumpkin patches are a Collab Kid favorite and our parents love them too!  Pumpkin patches provide many ways to engage children in learning and growing.  Giving children the freedom to roam and pick their own pumpkins gives them a sense of independence and pride.  This also can provide a teaching opportunity about pumpkins, gourds, vegetables, agriculture, science and more!  Plus, they get to be super creative when it comes to decorating and scooping out their very own jack-o-lantern (while parents do all the cutting).

Our partners at Kids out and About have put together a list of local places to pick out the perfect fall pumpkin!

Click here for Pumpkin Patches

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