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Week of the Young Child Day 5 (Friday, April 7th)

Child Care Parenting Tip


The Week of the Young Child is a week-long celebration of early learning, young children, their teachers, families, and communities. Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific theme that highlights the unique talents, abilities, and needs of young children.



  • Set up a “Home Life” exhibit. Invite each child to choose an object from home that is special to them or their family. This item could be anything from a photograph, to a holiday ornament, to a book. Find a special place in your setting to display the items. Provide each family or caregiver with a card to write a short description about their item and post it near the item. Spend time with children observing and discussing each item. Encourage families and caregivers to observe them as well.
  • Host an Open House. Arrange a time during the day for families and caregivers to visit, or schedule a get-together for everyone in the evening. Display children’s artwork read a story, offer simple refreshments, set up a simple center activity, and say a few words about what is happening each day in your setting. Encourage families to interact with each other.
  • Schedule a “Morning Mixer.” Encourage families and caregivers to linger at drop-off by offering refreshments and setting up a simple activity—beading bracelets, working with playdough, or coloring—for them to enjoy with their children. Photograph the experience and display photos and any artwork created on a bulletin board.


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