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World Bicycle Day


Remember back when taking the training wheels off your bike was the biggest challenge of your life?  A running start, a quick shove and parents or siblings running alongside you shouting “keep peddling!”  Those were the days!

June 3rd is World Bicycle Day!

Summer is here, so it’s time to dust off the bike seats, pump up those tires and oil those chains.  Throw on your helmets and take the family out for a ride around the neighborhood.

Besides giving your child a confidence boost and helping them develop a sense of independence, riding a bike has a lot of health benefits for mom and dad too.  According to Better Health Channel, cycling increases cardiovascular fitness, improves muscle strength and flexibility, helps with posture, decrease stress, strengthens bones and reduces anxiety.  PLUS, it’s a great activity to do as a family!

Happy #WorldBicycleDay

Need help teaching your child how to ride a bike?  Here’s a great YouTube video to help get you started.  CLICK HERE.


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