Top 10 Things to Do in Houston This Weekend! 7/21-7/23 - Collaborative for Children
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Top 10 Things to Do in Houston This Weekend! 7/21-7/23

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Hoping you get a chance to get out this weekend and enjoy some of these events our communities have to offer!


This is the Collab Kid Top 10 List of FUN things to do this weekend!


#1          Sunday Funday Children’s Crafts at Redemption Square

It’s a fun-filled Sunday Funday at Redemption Square, where children can unleash their creativity through exciting crafts and hands-on activities.

#2          Family Fun PopUp

Get ready for a family fun day with this exciting Family Fun PopUp event. Enjoy games, entertainment, and interactive experiences for the whole family.

#3          Kid Charged WonderWeeks at Children’s Museum Houston

Ignite your child’s curiosity with the Kid Charged WonderWeeks at Children’s Museum Houston. Engage in electrifying activities, experiments, and hands-on learning adventures.

#4          BASF Kids’ Labs-Children’s Museum Houston

Unleash the scientist within at BASF Kids’ Labs. Come by the Children’s Museum Houston for captivating experiments and interactive learning to spark your child’s curiosity.

#5          Back to School Carnival at Pearland Town Center Pavillion

Celebrate the upcoming school year with a thrilling Back to School Carnival. Enjoy rides, games, live entertainment, and various family-friendly activities.

#6          Houston Toy Museum:  Barbie Movie Screening

Experience the magic of Barbie at the Houston Toy Museum. They are holding a special screening of the Barbie movie, and you can immerse yourself in the enchanting world of these beloved characters.

#7          Family Movie Night @ The Pet Adoption Center

Bring the whole family for a movie night under the stars at The Pet Adoption Center. Enjoy a heartwarming film in a beautiful outdoor setting.

#8          6th Annual Don’t Miss the Bus Well Child Visits and Vaccinations

Ensure your child’s health and wellness with the 6th Annual Don’t Miss the Bus event. Take advantage of well-child visits and vaccinations in a convenient and family-friendly setting.

#9          Birding Hike at Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center

Embark on a birding adventure with the whole family at Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center. Explore nature trails, spot diverse bird species, and learn about the fascinating world of birds.

#10        YMCA Kids Triathlon-The Woodlands

Get ready for an exhilarating challenge at the YMCA Kids Triathlon. Watch your child swim, bike, and run in this exciting event that promotes fitness and healthy competition.


Do you have a fun family event happening in your community and want to share it with us?


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