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Tax-Free Weekend

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Inflation is raising prices on essential back-to-school apparel and educational items.  Starting on Friday 8/6), you can save on qualified back-to-school supplies with the annual Tax-Free Weekend in Texas.  Don’t forget that you can shop and save online and in stores.

Per the Texas Comptroller-Here’s a list of qualifying items for Tax-Free Weekend.

Need to save even more money?  According to reports, if you can wait a few weeks, prices on certain items drop even farther in price after Labor Day weekend.   These items include backpacks, electronics and of course cold weather attire.  During Tax-Free Weekend you can save approximately $8 for every $100 you spend.

Some items that DO NOT qualify include computers, textbooks, jewelry, batteries, office supplies and items sold for $100 or more (per item).  Also, clothing exemption does not apply to sports apparel, but it does include items typically worn outside of athletics.  That would include baseball caps and tennis shoes.  Sporting equipment such as gloves, cleats, helmets and the like are still taxed.

The state of Texas charges a 6.25% tax on most purchases.

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