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Houston is Stressed Out!

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According to a recent survey from WalletHub, Houston is the 18th MOST stressed out city in America.  Houston ranks 4th in the category of “Work Stress” and 17th in regards to “Family Stress”.

Per this same survey, Houston is one of the LEAST stressed cities in America when it comes to “Financial Stress” and middle of the pack at 42nd in “Health & Safety Stress”.

We need to relax!

As reported by an article written by the American Psychological Association, children need to sleep well, exercise, talk it out, make time for fun and quiet, get outside, write their feelings down and learn mindfulness in order to reduce stress.

Parents can help by “modeling healthy coping, let kids be problem-solvers, promote media literacy and combat negative thinking.”

To read the complete article from the APA go HERE.

Go HERE to learn more about our resources for families.


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