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Robotic Furniture Creating More Space in Tiny Apartments

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Have you ever bought a piece of furniture for a room that just won’t fit like you thought it would? Thanks to robotics, this may not be a problem in the future! If you work from home, this might be perfect for you. There’s a company using robotic furniture to create “expandable apartments.”

These robots work to maximize most tiny spaces, and the beds automatically slide up to reveal an office space or a wall that moves to create a walk-in closet. The shape-shifting furniture company is expanding and could soon reach Houston.

The future of construction, engineering, robotics, and architecture advancements will come from STEM innovation, and we should always look for new and innovative methods beyond current solutions. Advancements like these are why the curriculum on our Collab-Lab addresses social-emotional development while bolstering positive child outcomes through STEAM activities.

Our Centers of Excellence use a 21st-century learning framework grounded in a comprehensive research-based curriculum that stresses STEM learning. Getting our future workforce to start thinking, imagining, and solving these critical issues is imperative to developing innovative housing and work-from-home solutions.

As leaders in early childhood education for more than 35 years, Collaborative for Children’s goal is to ready young children for school and the 21st century with innovative programs focused on positive outcomes.

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