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Need Staycation Ideas?


Houston Voted Best Staycation City!

Recently WalletHub listed the “Best Places for a Staycation” and Houston came in #34 out of 182 cities listed.  Not bad!  With gas prices at record highs, it looks like we don’t have to fill our gas tanks up for long (and expensive) road trips this summer.

They asked a panel of experts the following questions to determine these rankings:

  1. Given the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on tourism and travel, what are the best ways to enjoy a staycation and keeping safe?
  2. What activities can families do locally without breaking the bank?
  3. What is the best time of year to have a staycation?
  4. In evaluating the best cities for staycations, what are the top five indicators?
  5. Does a high vaccination rate make Americans feel it’s safe to engage in travel and leisure activities again?


Houston ranked 47th in recreation, 13th in Food & Entertainment, but only 157th in Rest & Relaxation.

To see the complete list of cities CLICK HERE.


What can we do to have an affordable (and hopefully educational) time with the family this summer?


Here are some helpful resources:

Things to do in Houston.

Family activities.

Movie theatres offering great deals for families.

150 museums and cultural institutions.

Houston parks and recreation department.

Public swimming pools.

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