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What are the Future Careers in Houston?

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Wonder what careers Collab Kids may have in the future?

Although careers in teaching, nursing, and patient care will always be important, technology is the driving force behind many of the new jobs in the coming years.

Dr. Any Hines, Associate Professor at the University of Houston, believes that the workforce of the future will be drastically different than what we see today.  He imagines, with AI industries on the grow, we need to determine what repeatable tasks can be solved by machines and what needs to be accomplished through creativity, critical thinking, and “human” skills.

According to FutureLearn, these are the top 5 Best and most in-demand careers of the future.

  1. Software developer/coding
  2. Blockchain jobs
  3. Virtual reality jobs
  4. Ethical hacker/cybersecurity
  5. Big data analyst

See the rest of the top 14 list from FutureLearn here.

We do feel confident, as technology evolves, it will be the young children in our Centers of Excellence who are going to advance these technologies for future generations.  How exciting!


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