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Collaborative for Children selects four Gulfton/Sharpstown child care centers for College Bound from Birth


Houston (October 23, 2017) – Collaborative for Children is pleased to announce that it has expanded its College Bound from Birth program into the Gulfton/Sharpstown area with the selection of four child care centers for participation. College Bound from Birth is a program that provides intensive quality improvement and family support services to child care centers and home care providers in Houston. The four centers are Creative Care Academy, Faith Angels Academy, Giraffe Kids Learning & Development Academy and Sharpstown KinderCare.

“We are excited to be part of this neighborhood and are looking forward to creating additional high-quality learning opportunities for children in Gulfton/Sharpstown,” said Carol Shattuck, president and CEO of Collaborative for Children. “High-quality early education is critical to a child’s success in school and in life, and through our work with child care directors, teachers and parents, we can help to ensure a solid foundation for children in this area,” she said.

Gulfton/Sharpstown is the fifth neighborhood to be part of College Bound from Birth. Other neighborhoods where the program has been implemented are Greater Northside, Third Ward, Aldine and Sunnyside.

In Gulfton/Sharpstown, the directors of the selected child care programs have begun their participation in professional development designed to share best practices, effective leadership approaches and operational business strategies of high-quality centers. Professional development for early childhood classroom teachers and education for parents will soon follow.

Through Collaborative for Children’s support in the form of mentoring, coaching, scholarships for directors and teachers, classroom supplies and equipment, toys and playground materials, the hope for these child care centers is that they will continue to grow in quality and positively impact the lives of the children who enter their doors.


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