Collaborative for Children Receives Transformative $3 Million Donation from MacKenzie Scott - Collaborative for Children
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Collaborative for Children Receives Transformative $3 Million Donation from MacKenzie Scott

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Houston, TX (5/31/23) – Collaborative for Children, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to early childhood education in the Houston region and throughout Texas, is thrilled to announce a generous $3 million donation from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. This remarkable gift will further enhance the organization’s mission of creating wonder and providing exceptional learning opportunities for children during their critical first five years of life.

For over 35 years, Collaborative for Children has been at the forefront of shaping innovative approaches in early childhood education. The organization firmly believes every child deserves access to high-quality early learning experiences that foster essential 21st-century skills. By preparing children for school and future success, Collaborative for Children is dedicated to building a solid foundation for their rapidly developing brains.

“We’re overjoyed to share that MacKenzie Scott has given a transformative gift of $3 million to Collaborative for Children. This unexpected donation will strengthen a long-term, sustainable investment in our organization’s future, ensuring innovation, excellence, and equity in early education continues,” said Melanie Johnson, President and CEO of Collaborative for Children. “Through this generous donation, we will expand our selection of 25 child care Centers of Excellence annually and employ technological innovations to reach more centers, children, and families.  Through its Centers of Excellence, located in vulnerable communities, Collaborative for Children blends public and private funds to coach child care business owners toward solid business acumen, while preparing teachers and parents for a culturally inclusive co-teaching bond. The organization’s contemporary model fosters a community where every child can thrive at the outset of school and ultimately in a 21st-century workforce.”


Collaborative for Children believes every child deserves high-quality early childhood education and access to innovative early learning opportunities that foster critical 21st-century skills. For more than 35 years, we have provided families and educators with business resources and programming to help children ages 0 to 5 achieve school readiness. We are unyielding in our focus on delivering early educational equity for all children. Today’s children face a workforce that does not yet exist, and early learning is the building block of future leaders. We are architects, using our collective ingenuity to usher in a future bright with possibilities for every child. For information, visit or follow us on Facebook @collaborativeforchildren.


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