Collaborative for Children Partners with T-Mobile to Equip Greater Houston's Early Education Centers with Necessary Technology - Collaborative for Children
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Collaborative for Children Partners with T-Mobile to Equip Greater Houston’s Early Education Centers with Necessary Technology

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Collaborative for Children and T-Mobile distributed nearly 1,000 iPads at our first-ever iPad Distribution Party and Teacher Assessment Strategy Training event. A great day bridging the digital divide for early learning, supported by T-Mobile’s $500,000 technology donation! Our Centers of Excellence are 21st Century-ready!





Houston, TX 10/10/23- Collaborative for Children, a leading advocate for early childhood education in Greater Houston, is proud to announce its collaboration with T-Mobile for an exciting iPad Distribution Party and Teacher Assessment Strategy Training event. This event is a milestone in the organization’s ongoing mission to enhance the quality of early childhood education and 21st century STEM learning outcomes for children in under resourced areas of Houston.

Collaborative for Children’s signature Centers of Excellence collaboration with T-Mobile aims to bridge the digital divide in early education, opening doors of opportunity for all children to be prepared for school. The digital divide is more than just unequal access; it’s about providing equal chances to succeed in a technology-driven world and solve Houston’s most pressing future challenges of green energy, climate-tech, construction and bio-tech. Our one-to-one technology distribution event and training ensure children from all backgrounds can thrive in a digital age. By empowering child care centers, we’re leveling the playing field, giving every child a fair start and a competitive edge in future job markets.

Collaborative for Children will distribute T-Mobile’s generous contribution of nearly 1,000 iPads to local Centers of Excellence during this event. These iPads come preloaded with specialized software designed to support the unique needs of both teachers and children, furthering our vision to transform early childhood education with the power of technology.

This event will also recognize and reward dedication to early childhood education. Directors will receive their well-deserved teacher and provider stipend. Collaborative for Children will acknowledge area preschool teachers for their hard work with child outcome improvements stipends for completing assessments.

Every center will also receive Outdoor Play Equipment Bundles, and each preschool classroom within the centers will be equipped with new technology-rich learning centers, Literacy and Math Bundles, ensuring a rich and engaging learning environment.

By incorporating technology into our teaching approach, this event underscores Collaborative for Children’s unwavering commitment to data-driven teaching strategies and nurturing an all-encompassing learning environment. It’s a testament to our enduring dedication to laying a solid foundation for our children’s future right from the beginning of their educational journey.

The iPad Distribution Party and Teacher Assessment Strategy Training event will occur on October 14, 2023, at Domain 8208, located at 8208 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77063. The party will run from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., followed by the training session from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.

This event is a significant milestone in Collaborative for Children’s mission to enhance the quality of early childhood education through its Centers of Excellence. It underlines the importance of innovative teaching methods and dedicated educators in shaping our children’s future.

About Collaborative for Children

Collaborative for Children believes every child deserves high-quality early childhood education and access to innovative early learning opportunities that foster critical 21st-century skills. For over 35 years, we have provided families and educators with business resources and programming to help children ages 0 to 5 achieve school readiness. We are unyielding in our focus on delivering early educational equity for all children. Today’s children face a workforce that does not yet exist, and early learning is the building block of future leaders. We are architects, using our collective ingenuity to usher in a future bright with possibilities for every child. For information, visit or follow us on Facebook @collaborativeforchildren

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