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Collaborative for Children Business Accelerator Team Visits Fort Worth

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At Collab for Children, we offer in-person training summits across the state on childcare-specific topics such as financial literacy, marketing, human resources, and partner training. These summits allow attendees to choose training sessions that best fit their centers’ needs.

We recently held a summit in Fort Worth, attracting 118 childcare providers who came to enhance their business operations. The day began with a keynote speech by Prerna Richards on the topic of “Thriving Not Surviving.” The attendees could select breakout sessions from topics such as the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), cultivating a change mindset, hiring and compelling interviews, establishing an online presence, and Child Care Emergency Preparedness Training (CCEPT) by Save the Children. These sessions aimed to provide attendees with the skills and knowledge necessary to address the challenges they may face in their childcare programs.

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