Collaborative for Children and HCPL Join Forces to Enhance Early Education Services for Families - Collaborative for Children
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Collaborative for Children and HCPL Join Forces to Enhance Early Education Services for Families

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Collaborative for Children and Harris County Public Library Join Forces to Enhance Early Education Services for Families.

Collaborative for Children, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to early childhood education, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Harris County Public Library (HCPL). This collaboration aims to bring innovative learning experiences directly to families through the Collab-Lab, an advanced mobile classroom designed to foster early childhood development.

With 27 library branches spread across Harris County, HCPL is a trusted community institution. It is a natural partner for Collaborative for Children’s mission to provide high-quality early education opportunities to children ages birth to five years. The partnership will focus on expanding access to educational resources and empowering families with the tools to support their children’s learning journey.

No HISD pre-k program of those surveyed met all of NEEIR’s pre-K qualified benchmarks (average=5.2). Considering the combined number of eligible 3- and 4-year-olds living in Houston ISD, the district currently enrolls only 46% of those eligible students in pre-K. Over the last five years, the district’s enrollment has ranged from 73-88% for eligible 4-year-olds and 14-25% for eligible 3-year-olds. These statistics emphasize the pressing need to extend our efforts beyond traditional classrooms and directly into communities. As the demand for accessible early education grows in Harris County, Collaborative for Children’s Collab-Lab will bridge this educational gap and bring high-quality learning experiences where families live and thrive.

“At Collaborative for Children, our commitment to creating wonder and enriching the lives of young children aligns perfectly with Harris County Public Library’s dedication to community engagement and early literacy,” said Dr. Melanie Johnson, President and CEO of Collaborative for Children. “We are excited to join forces to make a meaningful impact on children’s lives and ensure that every child has a strong foundation for lifelong learning.”

The Collab-Lab, a state-of-the-art mobile classroom, will visit HCPL branches during their Growing Readers times. This initiative is part of HCPL’s acclaimed early literacy program, Growing Readers, which encompasses various activities and resources designed to promote family and community interaction for child development. Collaborative for Children’s Collab-Lab will provide hands-on learning experiences for young children and parents, fostering a love for learning in an engaging and interactive environment.

As part of the partnership, Collab-Lab will also be at HCPL’s Fiesta on September 16 from 1 PM to 4 PM. The Fiesta, celebrating Hispanic Heritage, will be held at LaPorte Branch Library and feature community performances, crafts, and activities. The inclusion of Collab-Lab aligns with Collaborative for Children’s mission to provide diverse and enriching experiences to children of all backgrounds.

This collaboration with HCPL highlights Collaborative for Children’s dedication to offering early childhood education beyond traditional classroom settings. By bringing the Collab-Lab to library branches, families across Harris County can access cutting-edge educational resources and activities that promote cognitive, social, and emotional development in young children.

Pictures from our very first Collab-Lab visit at the HCPL Katy Branch!


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