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Catch Up With Dr. Melanie Johnson

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Dr. Melanie Johnson (2nd from left), our President and CEO and Greater Houston Partnership member, shared that she devotes her time to the Partnership due to its commitment to community betterment and driving economic prosperity. Dr. Johnson values initiatives like Upskill Houston and One Houston Together, which align perfectly with our mission of ensuring all children have access to the essential learning skills for 21st-century success.


Dr. Melanie Johnson

Our President and CEO, Dr. Melanie Johnson, recently spoke at Exxon’s Black History Month event. Her journey in STEM underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and diversity in early childhood education, preparing Collab Kids for the jobs of the future.


Dr. Melanie Johnson

Dr. Melanie Johnson, Collaborative for Children Directors, and the team from the Parent Network at Technipfmc toured Houston Kidz Academy. They witnessed our bright Collab Kids engaging in literacy, math, and social-emotional lessons.

Houston Kidz Academy

(CC Lakisha Ray, Houston Kidz Academy Director Doris Menchaca, President and CEO Dr. Melanie Johnson, CC Cybriel Bonner, Marta Kadziela, and Bobby Roggenbuck from the Parent Network at Technipfmc)


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