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Building Blocks: In Partnership with Collaborative Children


Research has shown the importance of early childhood education and development from birth to age five. In order to shine a light on the challenges facing Harris County’s youngest and most vulnerable residents — our children — we will look at the factors that put some behind the curve, what quality early learning looks like and how to improve it. We will see how parents, educators and local leaders can make sure children are ready to succeed in the long term.

Join Houston Public Media in partnership with Collaborative for Children to explore the challenges and the solutions in Building Blocks.

What are some of the factors that hold some of our most vulnerable children behind their peers? The data clearly shows that educational outcomes are anything but equal.

In episode 1 of Building Blocks, we look at what is being done by parents, educators and local leaders to level the playing field for all children, and how can everyday citizens advocate on behalf of lower income and at-risk families.

This series is in partnership with Collaborative for Children.

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